SuperTaquin is free for a limited time!!!

This is the Taquin game (also known as Fifteen puzzle) with 4 different mode for the best entertainment!

You play with your own photos or those provided by the game.

* In the normal mode you slide the tiles in the empty space to solve the taquin.
* In the hard mode, you slide all the tiles of the same row or column.
* In the mayhem mode, you slides all the tiles of the image, horizontally or vertically. Only for the best players!!!
* In the puzzle mode, you swap the tiles to solve the taquin. It's the easiest mode.

For each of these modes you choose the size of the puzzle grid, from 3x3 to 8x8.

Once you have solved the taquin, you can publish your score on Facebook or send it by email to your friends.

If you have an iPhone 4 you will benefit from high resolution images made for the retina display.

Don't forget to rate the application if you like it!.

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