Game Start
starts the game within one of the modes you made in making tablock
if you touch upper side of the moving tablock, the tablock rotates in clockwise direction. Touch right or left to move the tablock to right or left. And touching down of the tablock drops it right to the bottom of the screen.

Next : the next tablock
Mission: If you rid a line of tablocks with the mission tablock, the mission starts.
Exit : back to title screen
Restart : restart the game

Making TabLock
1)sample shape ; make tablock like sample blocks
2)draw the chosen block on 3X3 box. You have to make 9 tablocks
3)There are total 9 tablocks and make the tablocks using the block color option.
4)You can choose five kinds of blocks (normal block, fruit, ball, jem, 3D block)
5)Save after making 9 tablocks.
6)Menu :Back to title without saving.

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