Tactico! is a deceptively simple looking, but complex-to-master strategy game based on the board game developed by Greg Soave. It is a mind-numbing mental workout that rocks and rattles your grey matter and batters your logical pathways with infinite possibilities. If you want to unlock your brain’s full potential you have to try Tactico! One turn and you’ll be hooked for life!

Players take turns removing tokens from the game board with the goal of leaving their opponent with the last token. On the downward facing side of each token is a point value. Each player that loses a round will have the point value of that token added to their score. First player to 30 points loses the game.
Play against the computer with varied levels of difficulty from beginner to expert!
Play against a friend
Shake to roll the die or simply press the roll button
In-game music that you can have playing in the background, or shut it off through the in-game menu
Full Version Features:
No ads!
Ability for players to change and save their in-game names

Future Versions:
Play against your friends using a Bluetooth connection!
Ability to choose from multiple different themes
A selection of challenging new gameplay mechanics
Player ratings and the ability to share them with your friends

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