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Enjoy hours of fun with this combination of 4 classical games which will tease your mind testing your memory and powers of deduction.

4 games for any moment, ideal for your journeys, in the plane, in the bus...

Based on the classical Match-3, find three or more pieces with the same color, placed horizontally or vertically, to destroy the blocks and increase your punctuation. Quick start, no long intros; easy to use and specially designed for casual users looking for something not too complicated.

Remove all pieces to go to next level. You must destroy at least as many pieces as indicated in each level before there are no more possible moves.

Based in the classical game from the 80s, you will have to reproduce the same sequence in the right order (sound and color) that the game has previously played.

Find the hidden combination of colors. Based in the classical Master Mind.

iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPad, iPod Touch 3G and last model.

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