Wordthink is a quick thinking and fast paced game with a witty twist. 
The more words you know and the faster you can tap them out, the higher your score will go. 

It's simple, competitive, unique and fun for all ages. 

Why try word think?
It increases your vocabulary 
Enhances your spelling 
and improves your memory 
All at the same time.
You won't even notice your learning along the way!

It's not just a race against the clock, it a race to get the highest score!
Post your scores to online leader boards.

So how many words do you really know?
Find out now by testing your knowledge 
On Wordthink. 

Includes two modes that will have your fingers racing.
Download now and learn how to play both mind tiering formats!

Get it now at the incredibly low introductory price of .99


Developed by , original idea by Rudy Echeverria

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