What if Paul Cezanne, father of modern art drawed O' Henry's The Last Leaf as a picture book?

Find Me If You Can - Spot the Difference has a distinct difference from other similar games.

Enjoy finding differences through the recreated world's famous fairy tales, with splendid pictures in various style of great artists in history.

Have you been tired of seeing a bunch of extraneous photos?

Do you think all spot the difference games are just six of one and half a dozen of the other?

Or do you think it's impossible to imagine how Paul Cezanne would draw The Last Leaf as a picture book?

If any answer of those questions are YES, then Find Me If You Can is a game for you.

Caution for anyone who is hot-blooded and aged; the fascinating pictures and high level of difficulty would cause worsening eyesight and losing tempers.

*Meet the famous storybooks that are drawn in style of great artists. Each storybook is made with unique pictures.

*3 basic modes - you can 'Collect' storybooks, 'Research' them, and view their pictures in the 'Gallery.'

*3 additional modes are available for each storybook you have collected, with different play style.

*Including information of original author and artist for each storybook

*You can also view recreated fairy tales with texts and pictures through gallery mode.

*3 levels of difficulty, and 'Boss' level which obstacles will disturb your concentration.

*7 items which make your play easier, including magnifying glass and scanner.

*6 additional storybooks will be available for play through 2 packages, once you purchase them inside of game.

-Notice- This application is over 20MB, so we recommend to download it with iTunes application or under Wi-Fi circumstances.

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