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Turn the real world in to a battleground - using Foursquare as your gameboard. Why be a mayor when you can be a General? You take on the role of a military tactician as you try to take over as many buildings as you can and get to the rank of General. Take on your friends using Game Center, defend your turf, and complete missions for achievement points on the way.

- Map-based interface allows you to see your units in action
- Attack and occupy buildings, but remember to defend them well
- Change defenses as more units become available
- Control your inventory by swapping units around and buying more units
- Game Center leaderboards
- Game Center achievements (campaign medals and ranks)
- Check in to Foursquare

- You must be connected to the internet
- Game Center login is required to access these features
- Foursquare login is required (you can sign-up in the app)

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