5pb. Inc. expresses our deepest lament and most sincere sympathy for the victims and their families of the 2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake. We would like to thank you very much for the people who supported to our emergency relief fund campaign. We really appreciate your courtesy and apprehension. We are pleased to announce the total donation is ?13,171,610.Many thanks for your kindness and encouragement. 5pb. Inc. very much hopes that the affected areas will recover completely and speedily. Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~ is a visual romantic adventure novel based on the concept of 'Return to Origin'! The sixth episode in the series has finally been released for iPhone and iPod touch! ? Tag line of the series: Irreplaceable feelings...with you! ? The story in ~T-wave~ revolves around the locations used for the first series of Memories Off: Sumisora City and Sumisora Benzai-ten (a historical shrine located 20 minutes walk from Sumisora station). ? Play as one of 5 heroines, including Ririsu Tohmine who is a childhood friend of the main character. ? Full voice acting! ? Writing talent such as Chabo Higurashi, Hiro Akizuki, Dai-san-gen, Hiroaki Miura, Takuya Baba and Yayoi Sawatari all contributed to the scenario development! ? Musical score by Takeshi Abo. Character design by Takayuki Koshimizu and Yukihiro Matsuo! ? More than 25 hours of gameplay! ? An engrossing experience for both 'Memories Off' veterans and newcomers to the series! - Features of Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~ Intuitive touch panel controls ensure a smooth gameplay experience! How to Play; Tap Two Fingers(or Pinch In): Show menu Tap One Finger: Forward text, Confirm Flick Down: Show log screen Flick UP: Show/hide message area Flick Right: Skip read messages Flick Left: Force message skip Tap and Hold: Auto mode Game resumes after pressing HOME or receiving calls! * The game supports Japanese only. - Game Story It begins one morning in autumn... The exams are finally over. The students at Sumisora Gakuen High School are free from the midterm exams and are getting ready for the annual school festival. "Sigh..." Shio Tsukamoto opens the door with a sigh. Inside the room he sees his childhood friend, Ririsu Tohmine, half sleeping. He reluctantly wakes her up as she is sleeping in an odd posture. However, rather than showing appreciation she yells at him and lashes out with a low kick. In Sumisora City, Kanagawa prefecture, it is already deep autumn, the streets on the way to Private Sumisora Gakuen High School are covered by colorful falling leaves. It is an ordinary scene... Shio Tsukamoto is walking with his childhood friend, Ririsu, on the way to school. "Ririsu used to be very cute..." Shio thinks to himself, remembering days gone by when she was younger and used to follow along behind him. Some time ago, family problems had forced Ririsu to move away to another city and while she was there she had changed and become very selfish. Now, although Shio is a good and kind friend, Ririku treats him like a servant. This proves to be a constant source of amusement for Shio's classmates and they make fun of him, joking that he will make a good wife someday! Because of Ririsu, Shio has never had the chance to find a girlfriend. One day, Ririsu introduces Shio to her classmate Chisa Hakosaki. Chisa was once very quiet and shy, but now her personality has evolved, "Will you dance with me at the school festival party?" Chisa asks Shio. Shio is confused at being asked out on a date by Chisa. Ririsu stares at Chisa and Shio, a complex expression spreading across her face. With the autumn breeze, their story begins...

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