Goool!!! A complete and exciting button table soccer game for the iPad!

Button table soccer game is a popular board game in Brazil, land of soccer, played with buttons that represent soccer players. You can move them using your finger or an auxiliar button.

In Goool!!! you can:

• Choose your favorite world soccer teams from 32 different nationalities;

• Play freely, on your own rules;

• Choose pre-determined strategic formations;

• Have full control of your 11 button players;

• Control the strength and direction of the kick with the touch of your finger;

• Draw the match score on a blackboard;

• Celebrate your goals with all the excitement of a soccer game using real sounds and animations like:
- vuvuzela
- whistles
- horns
- fireworks
- the crowd screams
- and more!

Bring a friend and use your iPad like a real soccer table of button soccer game!

Buy now and celebrate each Gool!!! in your way. ;-)

----------- Rules -----------

"Carioca" style:

- The game should be played with two people and each one has the right to give three touches on the ball using their buttons each turn.

- Any kick in the goal direction must be notified to the other player, so he can change the position of the goalkeeper.

- If a player`s button touches an opponent's button without touching the ball first, a fault occurs, and opponent receives one extra move on the next turn.

- A soccer game button is composed by two rounds of 25 minutes each with an interval of 5 minutes.

The application Goool!!! is very realistic but don't use artificial intelligence, it's meant to be played by two people

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