So Ouat : #1 SALES in EDUCATION in selected European countries, since the launch of iPad
Has been selected by APPLE to be on its TV Advertising campaign in France
For Kids from 2 to 10
Outstanding client raings and blog feedbacks: one of the best reviews on Appstore (5 stars / 5) in some countries !!
Discover this incredible approach that gives our kids the pleasure of learning, with this interactive book.
Find out why teachers and parents are raving about this app !
Now available in ENGLISH
Exceptionally FREE
*Contains 2 LANGUAGES to read and listen to when viewing the story: English and French
*Includes the possibility to change the text font from ‘printed’ to ‘cursive’
*Contains text as well as a short animated video to accompany it
* Words are highlighted as they are spoken and users can turn each page into a tutorial on language by having different items underlined or highlighted
* Touching the “Vowels” button turns on a feature that highlights all the vowels in red, showcasing to young readers where all the vowels are located.
* Touching the “Explain Me” icon will underline various sections of the paragraph that can be touched for explanation of its meaning.
* The “Show Me” button however is a great help for my kids. Tapping it underlines another set of words and touching them explains their meaning using pictures.
* The narration for each page is activated by a tiny swirled circle that is tapped to bring it to life. When finished the swipe gesture for page turning moves the story along as one would expect.
* Option in the “extras” to piece together the story videos through dragging, like a puzzle (and then play it in full)

“One of the first app that really leverages all key features of the iPad” – From
“This amazing application will allow your child to enjoy reading! “ – From
“Perfect for the iPad, great for kids, thought out, and could even be used in the classroom as a learning tool for language classes - Check it out today!” - From

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So Ouat give the pleasure of learning for our kids... and much more with this incredible tale on Santa Claus!!!

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