Centipede HD is designed for children, Tweens and yes even adults. It's a FUN, challenging and exciting App to play! This centipede is very cleaver guy. Just gently draw a path with your finger and thats where the centipede will go. You can shoot, hide in a hole, gain extra lives, gobble up insects and fruit to gain points. Find out who the “BIG BOSS” is. Check out the chickens and scorpions. Enjoy the HD quality, cute characters and bright colors. The sounds will simply amaze you too. Get the highest score in the world and impress your buddies. Think you can be a high scorer? Think again, this game is challenging! Don't wait any longer to get “Centipede HD” full version and share with your family and pals. Great birthday gift for your bother or sister!

Parents Note: NO subscription! NO other purchase in this App at all. Feel secure in knowing they are No hidden additional purchases!

* HD Graphics
* Arcade Mode (10 Levels)
* Ultimate Mode (play until you die!)
* Animation and Cool Sounds!

* iPad, 3.2.2 OS


Updated 12/1/10

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