Combat Skies is a high flying World War 1 flight simulator game that will get your adrenaline flowing with its 3D graphics and easy to use controls. The realistic re-creations of dogfights and true to life sound effects will entice even the most ultra enthusiast and get them revved up and excited about playing. Click "…More" to learn why you should download this App today!
Who hasn't dreamed of launching an all out full-scale attack against the enemy while flying combat maneuvers? Combat Skies's tactics and 3D graphics is your combat dream come true. Feel the pulse-pounding action and realistic sound effects on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, while you're thrust full-throttle into the middle of all the action.

Combat Skies's features include:
* Full 3D
* Intuitive tilt and touch controls
* Realistic graphics with immersive 3D sound effects
* Realistic machine gun effects
* Speed and altitude gauges

This innovative flight simulator is easy to operate and even easier to learn. Unlike boring, confusing tutorials which leave more questions than they answer, you are given an accelerated "crash course" in a basic flight and gunnery training mission where you quickly learn valuable pilot skills to prepare you for the ultimate battle.

Now you can take to the skies over the Western Front in an accurately rendered 3D version of American Ace Eddie Rickenbacker's SPAD XIII, or Canadian Hero Billy Barker's Sopwith Camel F1. With six different missions, your goal is to shoot down such historic, accurately modeled enemy aircraft such as the Red Baron's iconic triplane, Albatros biplanes & Fokker triplanes, Zeppelin airships, Gotha bombers and Drachen observation balloons.

The controls for Combat Skies are simple and intuitive. All you need to do is tilt your device left or right to steer the plane, and up or down to climb or dive. Improvements for this update make the game even easier to control without needing to set screen tilt. You can play comfortably whether you're standing, sitting, or even lying down. A simple speedometer and altimeter help you monitor your speed and distance above the ground. You can quickly change the perspective, or point of view in flight. By dragging a finger across the screen, you can see what's above, or below your plane, or even look behind you to see if anyone is on your 6. Returning to the default point of view (from behind your plane), is as simple as tapping the screen twice.

Each one of your missions begins with a briefing to lay out your main objective, which usually involves shooting down enemy aircraft or destroying ground targets. Once you fire the initial shot, you will then be on their radar and under continual fire. Concentration, strategy and focus are very important. At times, you will be fighting with as many as eight enemy aircraft simultaneously. Be careful and use your instincts because the enemy will be issuing a continual assault, but not all of their shots will be on target; so remain calm, and don't get flustered.

Active combat involves dogfights, strafing runs, and in one level, you must even fly through an enemy hangar to destroy targets. There is no shortage of challenges for you to face, and once you begin, Combat Skies will keep you coming back for more. Download Combat Skies now and join the best of the best in aerial assault. It's so real you'll swear you're there!

View the trailer to see how Combat Skies looks and sounds in play at:

or search YouTube for more clips of Combat Skies

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