NoodleJump is a vertical jump game with the new and somewhat unlikely superhero - the bowl of noodles. How high can you get him? Don't let him smash!

Whilst you're climbing up, collect as many soy sauce bottles as your can - after all, who doesn't like soy sauce on their noodles? But watch out, some of those cherry blossom branches don't look strong enough to hold your weight.

Beware of the Dastardly Dragon and the Chomping Chopsticks who will try to steal your noodles. Try to watch out above you and listen for their distinctive sounds that tell you they're coming to get you. Can you patiently wait for the Magic Lantern who will replenish your noodles. The Personal Stereo helps too; all the bad stuff is blocked out so you're super protected.

Featuring a crazy Japanese soundtrack, special sound effects, fun graphics, and of course, Game Center and Retina Display support.

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