What do you get when you combine classic snake with classic tilt labyrinth, slick visuals and underwater beats?

Reef Snake for iOS!

Maneuver your snake around the sea in search of food by tilting your device just like you move the ball in labyrinth style games. But watch out! As you eat more food your tail grows bigger until you soon find yourself lost in your own maze.

Simple. Fun. Easy to learn. A challenge to master. Only the true Snake Seeker will be able to find their way each time to get ONE LAST BITE!

If you have iOS 4.1 or later you can post your scores to Game Center to compete with your friends and all the worlds oceans!

View Gameplay Video Here:
Connect with us, become a fan, and leave feedback on Facebook here:

** If there is interest I will be working on an update to include realtime multiplayer so you can play snake to snake against your friends in a snake/tron style game! **

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