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If you enjoy Oceans you will also like Spelling Wiz - Bugs search the App Store for it.

Spelling Wiz – Oceans will allow your child to explore life under the sea. Spelling Wiz – Oceans will introduce your child to various marine life, increase their vocabulary, and enhance their spelling skills.

Spelling Wiz - Oceans has two learning modes.

Learning Mode - Letters are initially hidden by question marks and then exposed when touched.

Spelling Mode - Letter are initially scattered. Your child will have to move the letters into the correct position. When the letter is placed in the correct position the letter snaps into place and plays a bell sound. Incorrect placement will play a buzzer sound and change the letter to a red X for a moment then your child can try again.

Spelling Wiz also features interactive words, letters and HD photos of marine life such as penguins, seals, dolphins, and much more. Spelling Wiz presents your child with intriguing HD photos of individual sea creatures accompanied by the spoken name of the sea creature. Your child will have the opportunity to use phonemic awareness to sound out the spelling of each sea creature.

Your child can practice spelling the words by either saying the letters out loud and, then, exposing each letter after saying it, or they can touch letter by letter while hearing and seeing the letters until they have learned the word. The learning possibilities are endless.

Helps kids with:
Early Reading Skills
Speech Therapy
Cognitive Skills
English Language
Phonemic Awareness

Bonus Game: Alphabet Touch

Alphabet Touch is an interactive alphabet game that displays all of the letters in the alphabet and pronounces each letter as you touch them. Alphabet Touch has an interactive Clownfish that follows your every move to encourage playing and learning.

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