Sorry, text in this game is Japanese only.

This work, "Song of the Ocean Waves" is the first episode of the series.
To celebrate the publication series, we have free delivery.
Episode 2 (paid placement) and later, from time to time, we will release it,
Thank you.

"Eyes Can Hear the song a feel empty supremacy of the sea"

iPhone / iPod touch / iPad is a game for the novel.
iPhone4 / iPod touch 4G enjoy in high resolution.
Because each story is linked to the story than the first episode
You'll have to play, I hope.

<How Do I>
- Continue reading the text on tap
* Two fingers to Menu
Skip enforcement of a sentence - three fingers to
Sentence in the flick - View History
- Clear the temporary sentence in the left flick
Skip read with a flick of the text - right
- Game progress auto-tap and hold a second

<Introduction Story>
Hero "Kaito Senzaki", in the throat "Tizu Sakura" born with a small bruises called.
Kaito at home, the little bruises are a sign of the hideous curse, feared.
Kaito is around 17 years old, in the streets is "mummy murder" and called mysterious rash of murders, people may start in fear of the mysterious.

<Introduction to Character>

As home secretary Kaito competent to assist his master Kaito. The elegant deportment, core strength of character.
My husband to fulfill duties as Kaito, when the advice cruel.

Kaito resident of the house maid. Work as a maid in the exclusive Sea-Doo. Unfussy and natural character of the fluffy.
From childhood trauma, get sick and many people are inside. Looking at the stray cats can not leave alone.

Kaito resident of the house maid. Maker festival like atmosphere. Free-spirited personality.
To highlight the glamorous figure, wearing clothes made to remodel. The dark shadow behind carrying a cheerful personality.

Kaito resident of the house maid. Meals are charged with Kaito. Less impervious to words.
Sometimes seem to be angry, but it is not. I have a little gap there, and sometimes outrageous remarks.


Suggestions for this work and here
Baguwamu Official Website

This system works (Artemis Engine) Inquiry
Mikage (mikage)

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