This is deluxe of iSki2011. iSki2011 deluxe is a fun skiing 3d game that features the accelerometer. You control the characters by tilting the iphone. You can also use touch screen to control the characters . You can speeding up, slow down and jump in the snow lane. You need to use these skills to finish these lanes to gain more credit. There are some gold coins which increase your credit, and you can get then in the game. Meanwhile, you need to avoid the stones etc in the lane. If you lose too many times, you will lose.

*Tilt the device to left makes you move to left.*
Tilt the device to right makes you move to right.*
Click up button makes your speed up.
*Click up button to slow down. *
You can jump by push the jump button.*
You can pause the game by pushing the "Pause" button in the upper-right.

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