Easy to learn and simply to play, Face Race is the ultimate test of your reflexes as you follow on screen commands to flick, slide, poke and shake the characters face.

Starting at a slow pace you'll soon find the game steadily increases in speed until you find yourself franticly trying to keep up, BE WARNED you only get one shot to succeed, if you flick when you shouldn't or poke too many times it's GAME OVER!!!

Each successful move completed will earn you 1pt, with every 30 seconds survived being rewarded with 5 bonus points.

So are you ready to test your nerve and your reflexes - if so get your Brain Ready, Finger Steady and GO GO GO!!!

* Multiple Characters - (Rate us 5 stars and more will follow)
* Facebook Integration - Post your scores on your wall
* Tutorials - Each character has individual move
* Mute Music
* 4 different actions: flick, slide, poke and shake
* High quality visual, voice prompts and more

* Global Leaderboard
* Facebook Leaderboard
* Multiple game modes such as Simon Says & Pass the bomb
* More Characters, sounds and music

Check out our Face Race page on Facebook and join the discussion for new character idea's and more, if you think it’ll be fun to poke a one eye’d pirate where his eye used to be then tell us or maybe flicking the udder of a drunk cow is what floats your boat... well, you never know...! :)!/

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