Do you suffer from embarrassing forearms? Is your social status at the same level as dryer lint? Well then, it sounds like it’s time for you to J.E.R. Kit!


After years of extensive, tiring research and development by our world renown Joscillation Engineers, we have created a breakthrough exercise which blows other workout systems out of the water! We have the pleasure of introducing to you the Joscillation Efficiency Rating Kit Workout System! The J.E.R. Kit Workout System is guaranteed to boost forearm and wrist strength through short bursts of entertaining fitness sessions.


The initial J.E.R. Kit works by grasping the iPhone/iPod Touch into your hand and jerking (or "Joscillating") the device upwards and downwards as quickly as possible. This motion drives the Joscillator up and down, making contact with the Joscillation sensors and awarding a point each time contact is made. Jerk the device as fast as you can to get the best score possible! Hand the Kit off to your friends and let them workout to see if they can reach the climax of the high score list!


If you or anyone you know becomes addicted to J.E.R. Kit, please contact AnalogPixels or a physician. Moderation is the key to a healthy J.E.R. Kit lifestyle. AnalogPixels is not responsible for any happenstance which may occur due to the use of the J.E.R. Kit, including the following; Blindness, sudden growth of hair on the palms, warts appearing on fingers, insanity, and "Popeye" Arm.

J.E.R. Kit is not a real workout tool and should only be used for entertainment purposes.

About us:

AnalogPixels is in Chicago, Illinois.
AnalogPixels makes games.
AnalogPixels is neither analog nor digital.
AnalogPixels loves you.

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