Immerse yourself into Turret Defense action. Supercharged muscle cars ripping up asphalt and stealing to support their speed addiction at any cost. Dynamic features, flare, and fast pace gameplay add a solid foundation making for a unique experience. Watch the MuscleRacers pop wheels, burn rubber while dragging down straightaways, breaking around corners, shooting through tunnels, flying over ramps when running through a gauntlet of gun, rocket, flame, missile, and rail gun turrets.

The endless action is presented with a fluid pace that will capture your interest from the start, and won’t end until you put this game down. Do you have what it takes to put the brakes on these four wheel beasts?


•Captivating artwork and animation
•Supercharged legacy muscle cars
•Dynamic path action
•Large variety of turrets
•Speed bumps and road spikes
•Powerful painted missile
•Pinch zoom and swipe panning
•Pause, Save, Resume
•Score tracking

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