Ninja Steve

There's fast. Then there's ninja fast.

Steve, CEO of the hit electronics company Xicidis, LLC is announcing an exciting new video game, Super Steve Brothers, which chronicles the adventures of him and his best friend, who is also named Steve. When all of a sudden Smartbots enter, stage right.

Ninja Steve can't take them all out on his own. You have to help him target and obliterate the horde of advancing droids.

Ninja Steve is a game of fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy. The Smartbots are trying to dodge Ninja Steve's shuriken. If they succeed, Steve will be no more.

There are three different stages to protect, and four different Smartbots that look and act differently. Super Steve Brothers included a total of 15 increasingly challenging main levels, plus an endless stage and an accuracy stage, totaling 17 levels.

Xicidis, LLC will be continuing to update their products. We have two more stages, two more opponents, and an additional character in the works if you, the public, enjoy, and rate our products highly. We feel that supporting us means we will support you. Thank you!

Many will come. One will leave.

It's Ninja Steve.

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