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Q Racer is a racing game where playing equals learning. In each of the 3 race types you will be asked to answer questions from themed word lists. The goal is to beat the computer opponents and learn the material in the lists. Win races and master the terms to win badges you can use to purchase new lists. Master all the list items and you beat the level.

Q Racer features a unique learning engine where it monitors your performance and chooses when and what questions to ask you so learning never becomes too easy or impossible.

What can you learn by playing Q Racer?
* Real names of famous celebrities
* Notable inventions and who invented them
* Professional sport stadium names and what teams play there
* U.S. state capitals
* ... and much much more

* 100 different lists in categories such as Art & Literacture, Science, Foreign Languages, Entertainment, Sports, etc.
* Learning engine that monitors progress and helps you learn at your own pace
* 3 different race types
* Don't need to study lists ahead of time, learning engine makes it so you learn as you play
* Ability to play your own music
* Choose and customize either your female or male character with over 600 different combinations

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