The story is set in the 2012. It seemed that the world was at an end as the earthquake destroyed nearly everything. Come doomsday, you will survive and are allowed to save only 1 person, what would you do? God gives you the greatest mission now! Set up your rescue group and go to rescue those people who meet with misfortune ... ...

? An excellent game for a true commander.
? Two kinds of game modes: free mode and story mode.
? The game is interfered with real weather environment, including the cloud, fog and lightning, which increases the difficulty and stimulus of the game!
? The humorous wrecked cartoon little man asks you for help.
? almanac system will collect all the achievements and medal.
? 5 levels increasing in difficulty making it more challenging.
? The artificial plane accelerator system controls the flying speed.
? Multi Touch can let you and your family enjoy the grand banquet of a game at the same time. Over 4 people are available!
? Earn achievements when you complete challenges - and show off your progress to your friends!
? With multitasking (on supported devices) and Quick Save and Resume (on all devices), your current game will automatically be saved and ready to resume next time you play.
? Add an OpenFeint community (Including global scores, Twitter and Facebook login).

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