Everyone loves a good challenging game of Yacht... and MGP's adaptation of Yachts and Crag is sure to please. Altogether, Yachts and Crag encompasses 12 fun variations of the popular dice games.

There's Traditional Yacht and Traditional Crag (for those who like the original, old-style versions), a Classic version of Yacht which is based on the popularized version, and a Bonus version of Crag which gives bonuses for a high upper total and additional crags.

And for those who are up for a little more of a challenge, try out the Progressive Triple and Triple Anywhere versions of Yacht and Crag.

But wait... that's not all. Also included in this adaptation are "4" Norwegian variations of Yacht, bringing the Nordic hands of One Pair and Two Pair into the scoring mix.

Lots of practice and fun are in store trying to determine the best strategy to use per game. Yachts and Crag is a sure crowd pleaser that will keep you rolling dice way into the night.

Yachts and Crag features:

* 12 variations of the popular dice games.
* 1 or 2 player.
* Classic and Traditional modes.
* Bonuses and Triple action.
* Crag, the cool 3-die game featuring hands like Crag, 13, Even, & Odd with only 2 rolls per turn.
* Each game has its own High Scores list - see if you can become the master of all 12.
* And don't forget... the 4 Norwegian versions are included as well!

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