Enter a reimagined tarot world where candy rules all. Sweet Tooth Tarot combines fast and fun gameplay with beautiful artwork featuring sugar-themed versions of the well known major tarot cards.

Players have two minutes to flip cards and make 3- and 5-card poker hands both horizontally and vertically. Don't like the cards on the board? Flip them down and back up again to get something more to your liking.

Hands are scored based on traditional ranks (Pair through Straight Flush), consecutive hands made without flipping cards, reusing cards, and random bonus multipliers.
***5-card hands are worth more points.
***Making multiple hands without flipping cards increases the hand bonus multiplier.
***Each time a card is flipped up, a random bonus multiplier can appear. Use that card in a hand to score that multiplier.
***Reuse cards to further increase the bonus for the hand.

Enjoy pick-up-and-play action with this candy/tarot/poker hybrid!

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