Have you ever seen someone and wondered what country they are from? Face2Country is here to solve that problem. Face2Country is a fun App that lets you upload a picture of yourself and have the rest of the world guess the country you are from. The good thing about face2country is that you get immediate feedback if you have correctly picked the right country.

Be warned that this app is very addicting , known to distract people from their work and sometimes cause some people to move to Kiribati. Yes, Kiribati is a country.

For best picture result, make sure you take picture holding the phone horizontal and have good lighting


Add Picture from Library

Take Picture from Camera

Pick Option country

Vote on Pictures

View standing and your rank

This app does have ads , which we have carefully place so that it does not distract you from voting and making it into the top 10. We use ads to pay the bills so we can continue to bring you free apps.

Give us feedback on what features you will like to see in future versions

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