Have you ever tried to figure out which crops to plant so that your crops will be ready to harvest at a specific time, such as when you get back home from a long weekend?

Would you like to pick the most profitable plants?

Do you want to manage your own plant data?

FVCropPicker was designed to help you figure out what to plant next and then tracks when it will be ready to harvest. You can easily check the status of your crops. You can also manage preinstalled plant data, adding and removing plants to customize your list of plants.


* Create Timers so you know when your crops are ready to harvest.
- Timers show you the actual time when crops are ready and the time remaining.
- They have editable completion percentages in case you forget to set up the timers right away
- Select plants using multiple picking methods.
- Plants can be sorted by time so that you can see when they will be ready to harvest. This can be very useful to determine which plants will be ready and waiting at a specific time.
- Plants can be sorted by profit so you can pick the most profitable ones. Plants with matching profits are further sorted by harvest time so that you can pick the most profitable within a timeframe.
- Plants can be sorted alphabetically so you can easily find a specific plant.

* Manage your crop data.
- Add new plants at any time.
- Delete plants you no longer need, such as plants you have mastered and don’t want to see again.
- If you play multiple games you can create individual sets of plants to use in the Timers. Give the plants names like “Beets - Jack” and “Beets - Jill”.

* Download updated plant data at any time from the internet.
- As new plants are added to Farmville, they will be added to the Internet database.
- You can completely replace your local data with Internet data.
- You can choose to get only plants that don’t already exist in your local database.
- Download plant data from your own website using a CSV file which contains the following columns: “Plant Name”, “Harvest Time”, “Buy Price”, “Selling Price”.

FVCropPicker is not affiliated with Zynga Games Network, Inc. All trademarks and copyrights referenced are the sole property of their respective owners.

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