If you have purchased MAC RACERS at the Mac App Store, this is the free wireless controller FOR YOUR iPHONE. Enjoy! (If you are looking for Pad Racers, please read on...)

Please note that this YELLOW ICON controller is ONLY FOR "Mac Racers" which is a game for the Mac (OS X) which you can purchase at the Mac App Store.

Mac Racers is an old-school 2D overhead racing game - your iPhone becomes a wireless steering wheel.

If you (or your friend) have just purchased Mac Racers on the Mac App Store, this YELLOW ICON iPhone app is exactly what you want!

Obviously it is free, feel free to load this YELLOW ICON app on to your iPhones (or iPods), so you can play Mac Racers (from the App Store) on your Mac!!!!

PLEASE NOTE -- if you ALREADY OWN "PAD RACER" FOR YOUR IPHONE, you actually do not have to pay for Mac Racers! Simply click to or and download the FREE "Mac Client" for people who already own Pad Racers on their iPhone!

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