Please Play!
Ukiyoe Butterfly Hunter

?Hiroshige Utagawa's Ukiyoe
Please Stay Complate!
All Tokaido 53-Tsugi(55 Picts)

?Display Tokaido Stay Map
- Dark Not Play
- Green Now Play
- Blue Already Play
Start Nihonbashi(Edo)
Stay Random
Goal Kyoshi(Kyoto)

?Game System
Play Time ⇒ 30 sec/each pict.
White Butterfly 20-80 Pnts.
Special Sound Add 500 Pnts.
Red Butterfly 100-400 Pnts.
Special Sound Add 1000 Pnts.
Up to 2000 Pnts. ⇒ Add 15 sec.

?If you reach to goal,
Start Again(To Nihonbashi)

⇒ Kept stay list
If kill this process, reset list
iPhone3G ⇒ Always reset list

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