Tiny Terrors At Christmas – A Matching Pairs Game For Tiny Terrors

We’ve given our lovable Tiny Terrors a Christmas makeover, and add yourself to the game to get into the Christmas spirit.

Our fun and educational matching pairs memory game will keep your little monsters entertained all through the festive period, so you can put your feet up and enjoy the holidays.

Create personalised Tiny Terrors by uploading pictures of family and friends and apply horrible hats, monster moustaches, grizzly grins and googly eyes; then put your memory skills to the test to match the identical pairs.

With three levels of difficulty, this Christmas-themed pairs matching memory game is ideal for all ages – from children to grown ups.

It’s easy to share your personalised Tiny Terrors with friends and family via email and Facebook or add it to your image library.


- Add yourself to the game with our simple photo upload feature and personalise the image with a choice of fun hats, eyes, noses and mouths

- Fantastic Tiny Terrors characters that kids will love
Amusing sounds including jingle bells and Christmas themed music

- Entertaining and educational matching pairs gameplay – helps memory, learning and concentration

- Easy, medium and hard game levels

- Timed games so you can try to beat your fastest time

- Spread Christmas greetings with easy to use share buttons

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