Joshua Jay is an award-winning magician whose books, MAGIC: THE COMPLETE COURSE and JOSHUA JAY’S AMAZING BOOK OF CARDS, bring the art of magic into the 21st century. This Vook, adapted from his first book, with its stunning marriage of step-by-step text and clear video, teaches readers how they can master the ten greatest card tricks of all time (one of the ten, the remarkable “Out of This World,” was voted by members of the magic community as the #1 trick in the world!). In “The Bullet Card” learn to “shoot” a card buried in the middle of the deck. Mysteriously forecast a chosen card in “Ashes on the Arm.” Make a very personalized prediction in the astonishing “Her Card, Her Name.” Produce the four Aces with ease, conjure order from chaos, and more.

Viewers begin with the foundation exercises of shuffling, thumbing, and forcing a card. Then learn the effects with two types of video embedded throughout the text: First, tap to watch Joshua Jay perform each trick in front of an audience. It’s great entertainment, and it gives insight into the essential elements of timing, rhythm, patter, and misdirection. Tap the how-to video to learn the tricks with Jay as he demonstrates each move in great detail. Then tap through the step-by-step slideshow to slow it down and hone your skill.
Dazzle your friends. Impress a date like never before. Blow everyone away at the next office party. It’s like having your own professional magician teach you his art and craft.

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