Oh no! The lights have all gone out in Christmas Village. Can you help Santa by lighting up all the Christmas Trees?

The lights are off on each tree and it is up to you to get them turned back on and relight the trees in Christmas Village. Swoop around every tree in Christmas Village and turn on each light so Santa doesn't get lost on his return.

Zoom into each tree and pick a decoration. Filled with a question each decoration holds the fate of Santa Claus's safe return. Light up enough trees and save Christmas from a potential midnight catastrophe. Once enough questions are answered the tree will light up and you can continue on your journey to save Christmas.

To help you on your expedition "Mystery Gifts" have been planted in various decorations. Use these Gifts from Santa to help answer the next difficult question.

Stay warm, be safe, don't get distracted by the candy cane and remember Santa Claus is depending on you.

Over 1000 original questions based on the very best of Christmas Movies. Includes multiple mini-games like Hangman, True or False, Fill in the Blanks and Anagrams.

This app supports Game Center for Leaderboards and Achievements.

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