From the makers of the #1 Education app Ladybug’s Bookshelf, Ready, Set, Spot! challenges kids to
recognize the pattern in a group of pictures and build a three-card set before time runs out.

Ready, Set, Spot! develops both logical and spatial reasoning, which are critical thinking skills for young
minds, while colorful characters Ladybug, Muddle, and Thud keep the game fun, lively, and (of course)

Ready, Set, Spot! can be played either individually or head-to-head with an adult or between children.
With a fully animated, step-by-step tutorial and three difficulty levels – Easy Peasy, In Betweeny, and
Crazy Hard –your child can be engaged in seconds and engrossed for hours.

This holiday season, give your child a game that will both entertain and help promote critical thinking

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