This is a full version game with 45+ Exicting Levels.
Bad habit? nah…Its natural and NOTHING to be embarrassed about I can understand it being irritating to others, but live with my stomach for a hour or two, and see how well you do at holding them."-Harry

Harry's words may look Foolish or Impractical but this is how he survives.
Harry was about 6 kg when he was born and he got heavier as time passed.

His parents discovered his extra ordinary innate power "Flying by the power of his own farts".
It took a great deal of effort to raise him. They sold everything and sagged under heavy debts.

Their loans got them under big trouble.
the money lenders kidnapped his parents
and kept them in a castle to work.

Harry wants to avenge his parents and rescue them.

Help Harry in his Mission.
Get a chance to become Harry for some time and experience the Power of Farting.
His mysterious farting power will make you roll on floor laughing.

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