Flying Hamster is on SALE with 50% off today for AppGratis and AppGratuitesOVER 1.3 MILLION PLAYERS AROUND THE WORLD! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?Game optimized for iPhone 4 including high-definition graphics!----------------------Take control of Newton, the Flying Hamster in this action-frenzy horizontal shooter! Fly to save your girl across 6 levels full of various foes (animals, robots, aliens...) and beat the most ruthless bosses with any item you may find on your way.? 6 unique environments packed with fun from the sunflower fields to the big Japanese city or crazy ancient Egypt? 8 freaky weapons scattered among the levels (bananas, egg-bombs, beer...) ? 35 different enemies (sneaky penguins, anti-air cows, exploding foxes, ninja squirrels, toaster-robots...)? 7 dreadful and unpredictable bosses? A neat and powerful Soundtrack made from catchy tunes and killer guitar solos? An unlockable Hard Mode specifically designed for veteran players? 4 control modes designed for touch screen or accelerometer? 40 achievements and leaderboards

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