Vehicle Sounds for Children (Vehicles HD) is a perfect way for babies, toddlers and infants to learn about and experience vehicle sounds. Designed to entertain your little one right from the beginning with menu music they just want to dance to, bright cartoon images and fantastic vehicle sound effects.

We have tried to keep things simple so that it is perfectly suited for little fingers. It has two modes of play, one that enables your child to swipe through the vehicles and tap to hear the sounds they make and the other where they can tap on their favourite vehicles from a gas station scene. Helps improve coordination, vocalization and recognition skills.

Designed by a Music Therapist mom and techie dad after trying several others with our 1 year old daughter and being disappointed. So after lots of testing at our daughters 1st birthday party we think we have come up with something that really works for little fingers and growing minds.

Suitable for children under 3, babies and younger children may want some help from mom and dad.

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