This is my Blaster. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me, my Blaster is useless. Without my Blaster, I am useless… Blaster Games lets you progress through a growing collection of 6 fast-paced 3D-action physics games where you and your Blaster must rely on each other to survive and win!

Includes 6 Progressively Challenging Blaster Games:
? Snow Targets ? Get started blasting snowballs at some cute bunnies. Sound easy?
? Downhill Dangers ? Blast runaway sleighs before they slam into you. Things are heating up!
? Rapid-Fire Frenzy ? Your Blaster gets rapid-fire powers. You'll need it to survive!
? Shot Block ? Enter the sports arena to face a slam-dunking basketball player.
? Crazy Fans ? Sports fans can be unpredictable. Blast 'em with soda cans.
? Hockey Crossfire ? You and your Blaster face off against a deadly accurate hockey player.

? Immersive 3D environments with accurate physics and explosive graphics.
? Fast 1 Minute challenges. Pick up where you left off anytime!
? Each game has unique challenges that test your skill and strategy.
? Blaster control options - Aim by moving the TrackPoint on the Blaster or with a TouchPad.
? Dozens of targets, enemies and challenges. Gameplay is different every time you play.
? Your Blaster automatically reloads while you're firing. Just aim and shoot!
? Completing any 3 (of the 5) achievements for each game unlocks the next game.
? Hints and tips available for every game.
? New games coming soon!

Everything is out to get you, but you have the ultimate weapon - your Blaster. And your Blaster has you!

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