It is possible to play by making "Taken photograph" and "Image" a slide puzzle.

?The main function
The puzzle is made in the taken photograph.
The puzzle is made from the image preserved in photo album.
Synthesis of selected image
The numerical order of the block is displayed.
Function to stop puzzle temporarily
Setting of number of partitions of puzzle(3×3?4×4?5×5?6×6)
Time Attack mode(ON,OFF)
Preservation function at the best time

?Manner of operation
The puzzle begins on "Start".
Block of the puzzle can be moved with tap and drug.
In "Setting", "Setting of the number of partitions of the puzzle", "ON/OFF switch of the attack at time", and "Confirmation at the best time" can be done.
Image of which it takes a picture with a camera or "Image selected from the photo album" can be set to the puzzle image on the screen of "Load Images".

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