Tetris! Tetris ! No ! it is Mahtrix .

Mahtrix have both Mahjong version and poker version.

Mahtrix Mahjong give the player a new way to play Mahjong.
The unit in different shape composed of different numbers (from 1 to 4) of Mahjong tiles
The unit is dealt randomly from the top side of the screen and falling down ,the player must move or turn the unit so that hands will be created.
One hand composed of a full horizontal line Mahjong tiles.
Different levels have different number of tiles in one hand.
The objective of player is to create hands and make every hand composed of basic score units such as pair, three of a kinds,four of a kind, straight, flush and so on , so that the player can gain more scores.
The game have total 20 levels, player can choose level from menu or use auto play ,auto play will go to next level once score reach some points.

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