proudly presents: Maths tree!

In Maths Tree you’ll need to solve a mathematical
puzzle placing ornaments into trees to achieve the
top, but.. it’s not as easy as it sounds...

There are 3 main levels of difficulty, each one
has his own tree, and each tree inside has.. guess
what? more trees!, so, when you think you won the game,
you actually only completed a little part of it, giving
you more and more challening maths tree to complete.

But don’t panic, you’ll have several features to make
your game experience “easier”, like for example, partial
saves of every tree you play, partial progress reset,
the ability of make marks to help you to think what is
the next number you need to place, and so on.

So, Maths Tree improves not only your maths skills but also
your capability to think ahead, like in chess you’ll need
to keep in mind what is your goal, and reach it.

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