HubliBubli is for everyone! For everyone who remained a bit of a child.

Prevent the moles from taking over the fairytale castle and collect as many points as you can. But it will not be easy for you. The moles will send their soap-bubbles to prevent anyone from leaving or entering the castle ever again.

Only you can stop them!

To collect as many points as you can, you need to hit the bubbles in ascending or descending order (e.g. 1-2-3, 3-2-3-4). You get also points if you hit several bubbles with the same numerical value (or the same color) in a short period of time.

But watch out, no bubble should remain unpopped, because the number of bubbles which you are allowed to miss is limited (unless you are playing on "child" difficulty).

If you diligently collect points, you will quickly rise through the ranks of the castle guardians. And if you use GameCenter, you can compare your achievements with others.

Do you have any suggestions, comments or bug reports? Then please contact us at

- Very easy to learn but a challenge for young and old.
- 4 levels of difficulty (CHILD, EASY, NORMAL, HARD).
- Suitable for small children (unlimited lives on "child" difficulty). No violence.
- Fun and fabulous. Enchanting background music.
- Easily learn numbers and counting.
- Enhance your reaction time and accuracy.
- Tap or slide over the screen with one or multiple finger to destroy the bubbles.
- GameCenter-support: Leaderboards for every difficulty level. Ranks are displayed as achievements in Game Center.

Hours of entertainment for you and your children. Ideal to be played by multiple people on an iPad.

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