Quick Pass is a fun and addictive game that will bring hours of entertainment where it lets you throw passes at the football field.

The main objective of the game is to place the ball between the goal posts to score points.

The area in between the goal posts is divided in three parts; you must try to get the football in the central part between the posts in order to score 7 points, if you are able to score 6 consecutive times inside the central area you will get 10 extra seconds on the clock. If you place the football in the top or bottom parts between the goal posts, you only score 3 points.

When you are starting the game you will have 2 minutes to score all the points you can but you must be fast and accurate. You will need to aim and throw the ball quickly; if you aren’t able to throw the pass fast enough you will miss the opportunity and will have to throw from a different location. The ball is randomly placed at different locations on the field so you can continue practicing until you become a professional quarterback.

To throw a pass all you have to do is drag from the ball to the goal zone using the adequate angle and force needed, the further away you let go of the ball, the more force it will have.

Invite your friends to play this game on your iPad with you to see who the better quarterback is, by scoring the most points and breaking the record.

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