Salamino is a remake of pen and paper game.

It is a multiplayer game.
Player 1 write a number by drawing the number on the virtual blackboard, then commit.

Player 2 try to guess what number player 1 draw.

If Player 2 hit it, he make a point and the turn pass to him, instead Player 1 make a point and he go on by drawing other number and so on.

The game is over when a Player highlight 3 times all the number in his gameboard.

For example number 5 is highlighted on player 1 gameboard when he draw number 5 and player 2 don't guess right!

Another example, player 2 get highlight number 7 when player 1 draw it and player 2 hit it!

It is more simply to game it instead of explain!!

You can play by bluetooth 2 players per time.
You can play also by iPhone VS pen and paper.

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