Help the Blue Dinosaur catch the vegetables!
The goal is to catch as many vegetables as you can.
But watch out: The game is getting more and more hectic. Three vegetables dropped to the ground and the game is over!

As soundtrack, you can hear the dino-song with 13 verses from the swiss-german "De Blaui Dino" children stories by Gschichtefritz.

It's the vegegetable that sound:
To each vegetable belongs a particular instrument. Shortly before a vegetable becomes visible on the screen, you'll already hear the instrument fade in. When playing with headphones, you can 'hear' the actual positions of the vegetables - left, right, near, far! If you have caught a vegetable, the associated instrument will fade out.

The three modes:
- EASY: vegetables will always fall at constant speed to one of three positions: left, middle, right. Easy to play even for very small children.
- MEDIUM: vegetables fall vertically at arbitrary positions.
- HARD: vegetables fall diagonally with gravity, friction and bounce off at the screen borders.

Blue Dino is an UniversalApp, running on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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