Ready to blow your fingers off!?! Me neither, it's a good thing that that isn't what BombSweep is about. Instead, your job is to look for coins while trying to avoid the dreaded Suicide Bomber Bomb. (He has been known to sever fingers in some rare coincidences.)

BombSweep is easy to pick up, but very hard to put down. You're given a set of numbers for each row and column that represent the number of Suicide Bomber Bombs or "Magic" Golden Coins that row or column contains. Your job is to figure out where the coins are and collect them, without setting off any of the bombs.

Key Features:
* Randomly created levels! (Infinitely Playable)
* OpenFeint integration with many of Leaderboards and Achievements.
* Probably won't result in permanent death(Although the Suicide Bomber Bomb has been known to get a little insane. ;) )

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