Play cards online through Game Center. Invite your friends to play or join a match with other gamers.

CardNight is a multiplayer card game that lets you enjoy live online play with other gamers. The game is multiplayer only and requires Game Center and either a WiFi or 3G data connection.

Play by touching your hand on the screen. One of the cards will zoom up - this is the selected card. If the selected card is not the card that you wish to play, slide your finger to the left or right. As you slide your finger, successive cards will zoom up. When the card you wish to play is zoomed, drag it to the center of the screen and release it. If it is not a valid card to play, it will automatically bounce back to your hand. To draw a card, touch the deck and drag your finger towards your hand and release. Other players will see what you do, and you will see what other players do.

During game play, you can bring up a task bar by doing a double tap anywhere on the screen. The task bar will have a Quit button and a Rules button. You can view the rules at any point during game play.

CardNight contains the popular games Crazy Eights and Euchre. Crazy Eights is a fun game for 2 to 4 players and is great for children and beginners. Euchre is a 4 player game where two pairs of players match skill and strategy.

Invite your friends to play and have your own Card Night any night!

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