Caveman Runner! Top Down Scrolling Action. Over 1,000 players!
Delightfully random gameplay involves collecting as many delicious steaks as you can before your caveman altar ego is devoured by a ferocious T-Rex. Old School, addictive gameplay and scads of re-playability (along with the low, low price and a vow of regular updates from creators Ryan and Tom) are the biggest reasons why Caveman Runner is a game you'll be running to play! This is the second release and we look forward to providing free updates based on your feedback so please leave reviews.
The user reviews keep coming:
"easy app to just pick up and play"
"I can't stop playing"
"There's even a philosophical lesson -- just like the dinosaur eventually catches the caveman, so does death. It's all about the journey and how many pieces of "meat" we pick up in life."
One player even said he had to postpone his marriage because the game came out on his wedding day!

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