-Sale at limited time?$2→$1
-New sense sound game that can play in voice of first iPhone
-The more it plays, the more does it become good at the song?

"Music Tower" is a game that piles up the sound.
The pitch becomes a figure if the voice is put and the frog falls.
When a sound that is higher than the previous sound is put, it is OK.
How much can you pile up the frog?

There is lovely super-frog that can see only the person who piled up high.
Can you meet the king frog?

If the pitch of your voice is a little bit higher than previous one, it's cool.
The more it practices, the better it comes to be able to put out the interval.
Because the name is put in the ranking, it is a competition with the family and the friend.
Let's compete with your family and friends as the name is put in the ranking!!!

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