Shoot the Hundredth.

You got three shots. HIt the target as close as you can.

Simple but addicting, Time Sniper tests your blind time-counting skills with your iPhones and iPods anywhere, and any time you want.


25 levels: After 3 shots, total accuracy will be calculated. Pass the border line assigned for each stage to advance to the next level.

Multiplayer Mode: See who's the better sniper! Select the number of shots, number of rounds, screen orientation, and whether to choose the target manually or randomly. To choose the target manually select the time in the picker then tap on the upper time meter to begin.

Time Trial Mode: challenge 5,999 possible time to choose from! Tap on the upper time meter to select the time and tap on the meter again to begin.

Nail the time, build the record, and master your sniping skills to the full extent!

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