Game Introduction:
Today, we are facing a big problem of global warming. It is the time we have to move forward and take actions to save this world from becoming a living hell. We, the people in this world have to rescue this world from the jaws of the factors destroying our heaven.

“The Rescue”, is a single player strategy game, all about making the world a much better place to live. It helps in getting aware of the problems and also educates you with some of the ways you can contribute your part with the world community in tackling the problems. In “The Rescue”, you are the highest authority of a town. You have to move ahead according to your strategy to complete the objectives using the basic resources. You have to complete the objectives in time, else you will lose.

Game Summary:

In the game, as being the highest authority of the town, you have to develop the city from the scratch and bring the global warming level down. You have to plan your strategy so that you can achieve all the objectives in as less time as possible.

You can create buildings and assets to gather resources. You can upgrade technologies related with the buildings and can also organize awareness event. This will help you in decreasing pollution level and also brings down the global warming level.

Always remember, some factors will work against you and increase pollution and resource consumption. You have to control it if want to win the game. For example, factory and powerplant increases pollution but you need them to run the town. So, try to upgrade them as soon as possible to decrease their ill-effects. You can also organize events for increasing awareness regarding the ways of controlling pollution and decreasing global warming level.

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